Vision: Equitable healthcare for all

 Delivery of high quality, accessible and innovative GP care in areas of Deprivation                

To strengthen communities in areas of deprivation through the development of GP practices that deliver high quality care.
Ensure the practices have the ability to address the social determinants that contribute to the poor health of people living in areas of deprivation.

To develop innovative interventions to help address the complex health needs of people living in communities in areas of
deprivation. To contribute through research and audit to the knowledge of the impacts of deprivation on health.

To influence Government policy towards redressing the imbalance that exists whereby areas of deprivation have the worst health indices while

Why we exist

Research shows that those in the poorest areas, have the highest health needs, yet experience low levels of access to healthcare

The health divide

Poor social and economic circumstances affect health throughout life. People further down the social ladder usually run at least twice the risk of serious illness and premature death as those near the top’ [i]


If you are born in poverty you will die at an earlier age than a fellow citizen born in well off area. The mortality rate for people in areas of deprivation is 2-3 times higher than those in well off areas in Ireland.[ii] If people in poverty had the same life expectancy as their well off counterparts 40% of deaths would be prevented.[iii]  Inequality accounts for 5,400 and 700,000 avoidable deaths every year in Ireland the EU respectively. [iv] [v] This increased mortality affects every stage of life including higher stillbirth rates, infant and child mortality rates, mortality rates for young adults and adults. [vi]

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