The “triple f**k disorder” describes a triple interlocking societal oppression where medicine holds the key for the final padlock. The first f**k occurs by exposing children to trauma caused by poverty; the second is created by blaming those children as they grow into adults for displaying behaviours caused by that trauma; and the final f**k is the pseudo-scientific medical construct of personality disorder (PD). This final f**k belongs to the cruellest of oppressions, as it robs the victim of both their core existential selves and the one factor that could allow them to resist oppression: the social perception of their sanity. This article argues, firstly, that PD is a confused and confusing medical construct that has no demonstrable pathological disease basis; secondly, that the behaviours associated with both borderline and antisocial PDs (BPD & ASPD) may not be caused not by internal dysfunction but just as plausibly by the effects of childhood adversity and poverty; and thirdly, that the diagnosis of PD is harmful to the health of those so labelled. content